Una Gran Familia

La alimentación saludable debe de ser un derecho universal.

Una Gran Familia es un proyecto impulsado por Health Warriors y Danone a través del cual distribuímos una caja de alimentos nutricionalmente saludables a familias en riesgo extremo de exclusión social.

To see a selection of my designs and sketches, which is how all my best designs start, take a look at my portfolio page. To see who I have worked with see my client list and stockists.

I’m a freelance fashion designer who specialises in print designs and combining fabrics. My designs have been sold all over Europe and the USA and I have worked with some of the biggest designers in the industry. I’m also currently working with a big supermarket to develop a gorgeous, yet affordable, range of beautifully printed key pieces that no women’s wardrobe should be without!

We Work Without Walls.